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About us

The CCSK Law Approach
Law - Simplified - For You

CCSK Law works with our clients to lower hurdles to provide legal information and find legal solutions.

"How?" you might ask. "What does that mean?" you might say. "What's the catch?" adds the cynic among you.

There is no catch. Just some attorneys with a different view of how law should be delivered.

We love the law. We are just not fans of the way it is delivered. So, we thought we would change the things we can change to better serve people's legal needs.

If you have a legal issue, have a question about something that may be an issue, or are interested in attending an upcoming free legal information event:

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or call us at (219) 200-3902 or (765) 999-1823.

We look forward to serving you and lowering the hurdles to find your own, personal legal solution.


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