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#1StudentNWI: Porter County Career and Tech Center Ties Itself to Winter Prep and Fun


What’s Happening?

The Porter County Career and Technical Center has about 400 students on campus during both morning and afternoon classes. All of these students work hard in their classes and are famished and parched during and afterwards, but how can these students continue their days?

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#1StudentNWI: Fall in Full Swing at Kouts High School


The Leave Are Changing, but Tradition Continues

October has been a busy month at Kouts High School. The jazz band and Kouts Singers performed for the first time at the Fall Fling concert on October 20.

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How a Valpo Teen and Friends Spontaneously Became Part of ‘Magical’ Proposal at Valparaiso's Central Park Plaza

Central-Park-Proposal-03On Saturday night, November 11th, Isabel Blaney of Valparaiso and three of her friends had a sleepover and decided to go downtown and grab a snack in Valparaiso.

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#1StudentNWI: Valparaiso's Winter Musical and Renovation Recap


Teacher Spotlight

Mr. El-Naggar is one of those teachers, you know the one. The kind of teacher that students have one semester and all tell their friends about how fun and awesome his classes are. It’s an almost impossible feat to appeal to all of these different subsections of students, and yet no complaints have been heard about Mr. E’s teaching.

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A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Jane Grennes


One thing you commonly hear in speaking with Northwest Indiana Residents is how much they enjoy the attractions in Chicago. Jane Grennes has a different idea. She likes to take people to see the Tulip Festival in her beloved hometown of Holland, Michigan, and - through her job with Valparaiso Parks and Recreation - she arranges frequent trips to do just that.

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10 Fun Things to Do in NWI for November 17th-19th, 2017


It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and now is the time we start looking for deals on turkeys, ham and stuffing, oh my! But surely there’s more than just some extended grocery shopping and recipe research in store for you this weekend? There’s still a lot going on that you can do between a dash of this and a pinch of that.

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#1StudentNWI: Wheeler's Soccer Success and Madrigal Dinner


Small Town at State

At a school of around 500 students, it's not expected for there to be much success in sports. However, Wheeler High School has proven itself on numerous occasions.

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A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Todd Evans


According to Todd Evans, who teaches physical education at Valparaiso High School, there is one thing that is constant, one thing that he enjoys seeing in all his students, regardless of which sport they play.

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10 Fun Things to Do this Weekend in Northwest Indiana: November 9th - 12th, 2017


November is off with a cold start and the Region is gearing up for the holidays. Lots of fun things to do across our corner of Indiana this coming weekend. Come check out what everyone’s going to be up to. What will you do this weekend that's fun?

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money: October Can Be Scary Time for Investors


As an experienced investor, I have to admit I suffer from a bit of seasonal superstition. While I know that over the long term, there is very little data to validate some of these seasonal pre-dispositions sometimes bias does not bend to logic, and when it comes to seasonal pre-disposition, no month is as scary as October.

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#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove Gets Big


Current Events

This week Juniors and Seniors will be going on the Natural Helpers retreat. Natural Helpers is a school activity run by seniors who are called Rainbow Staff. They spend 3 days out of school and get closer to people they wouldn’t normally talk to. Students are nominated for the trip by their peers based on how trustworthy they believe them to be.

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