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Links of the Week: Twinkies, Your Brain on Computers, and Three Cheers to the Blackhawks

In case you've been living in a cave these past few days, allow me to be the first to inform you that the Chicago Blackhawks won the NHL Championship for the first time in 49 years.

That's not to say that I played any part in rooting for them. I held off jumping on their bandwagon almost to the last second. I've let it be known I've never watched a hockey game before. Its not something I'm immensely proud of by any stretch-- hockey just hadn't interested me.

I had given it a shot a couple of times prior, but I found the game too hard to follow. Ever since I got a bigger HDTV, I thought perhaps I'd catch on during the regular season. Time constraints wouldn't let it happen. Once the 'Hawks were in the Finals, I thought I'd give it a shot. Games 1 through 4 passed with me either A) not remembering they were on...

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Links of the Week: Megan Fox, The Black Keys, and When Headbutting Goes Wrong

The fall and spring television lineups (or as I like to call them, the ‘A’ teams) are just about done for the season. It was a pretty good year for A-team television, some new shows like Community heading out with some steam, and some older ones, like Breaking Bad that have made The Leap into Great TV.

I couldn't think of a great way to wrap up the fall/spring shows, so I'll share my favorites from this season. Using pure science I’ve come up with a “Power Ranking” for how these shows fared throughout the season. (Note: no science was used). They go as follows:

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Links of the Week: Optical Illuisions, High School Imposters, and LeBronageddeon

Over the last few days, all of the talk in the sports world seemingly revolved around LeBron James and his ineffective and almost uninspired play in Game 5 against the Celtics in the NBA Playoffs. So much hype and torch-passing has already begun with LeBron to become the "next Michael Jordan".  He was picked by many analysts and experts to lead the Cavs to the NBA Championship. This was his seventh season, it took MJ seven years to win a title. This was supposed to be his year.

With all of that hype, coupled with how quickly the ceiling has fallen for LeBron, we'll be experiencing a summer filled with questions, theories, and rumors, about LeBron. Will he go?...

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Links of the Week: Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, and Questionable NBA Fouls

About five months ago, I wrote a Links of the Week blog in which I introduced my first case of 'Blogger's Block'. Since that time, I hadn’t had to worry about blocks- the 2010 sports landscape has provided me a solid basis of something to blab about for a few paragraphs each week, and if it didn't sometimes music would, and if worst-came-to-worst, I could always write about something geeky.

Until now.

Today's blogger's block isn’t so much as a “I can’t think of anything to write about” as much as it is a “There’s too much to write about, but noting that could warrant multiple...

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Links of the Week: Josh Groban, TIME's Most Influential, and Is Facebook Really Taking Over the World?

Over the last two weeks, if one thing has beeen made clear to me more than anything else, it's that Facebook is taking over the web.

Last week, they announced that, as long as your computer knows you are logged on to Facebook, many of the sites you go to on a daily basis (CNN, Time,, IMDb, Fandango, ESPN, etc.) would have Facebook's patented 'Like' button on the articles. So, you can share what you are viewing on the web as you surf the web without ever going back to Facebook, allowing your friends can then comment on your link or like the fact that you liked that link.

Links of the Week: The Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Jabba the Hut, and the 75 Greatest Women in History

The NBA Playoffs are an under-rated time of the year, and TNT has capitalized on one of the great monikers for a sporting event. College basketball has "March Madness", the Super Bowl has, well, the "Super Bowl", but the NBA Playoffs have 40 games in 40 nights.

It's great because you have 40 games featuring the best collection of talent on a basketball court, all the players are trying as hard as they can for 40 nights, and you occaisionally will get to see memorable matchups as we did last year when we saw the greatest first round series ever between the Celtics and Bull. And this year is we're treated to LeBron vs. Derrick Rose AND Kevin Durant vs. Kobe. These are...

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Links of the Week: The Black Eyed Peas, Fax Machines, and the Cheesiest Baseball Song Ever Written

With the recent release of the iPad, I am reminded on how far we've come, technologically, as a society. Best case example: here is a video of Windows 95 software running on the iPad. It's slow, bogged down, and it takes forever just to get started up.

Now, with all of these...

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Links of the Week: Dr. Dre, Failed Dunking Attempts, and the 'Taiwanese Susan Boyle'

Was this the best March Madness ever?

From that first Thursday through Monday night's epic Butler-Duke championship game, I can't remember a tournament that featured more upsets, buzzer-beaters, and close games. The teams I was rooting for (Purdue, Butler) both went much further than I had expected. And that championship game... Those last two shots from Gordon Hayward were so close to being in: completely dead on, looked great coming out of the hands, especially that half court shot. I reacted the exact same way as everyone in Hinkle Fieldhouse: jumping, cheering, GETTING LOUDER, and then...

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Links of the Week: Jay-Z, Buzzer-Beating Dunks, and 3-D Nintendos?!?

Almost always in sports, the bigger the hype that surrounds a game or event, the more the game doesn't quite live up to it. The NCAA Tournament this year though? Beyond expectations.

Last night featured a great, close upset game between Butler and Syracuse followed up by possibly one of the greatest games in recent tournament history, Xavier vs. Kansas State. (Here is a video of the last few minutes of the game).

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Jeanette Gray

Jeanette GrayHave you ever met someone who had the energy and the compassionate nature of ten people? I have. Her name is Jeanette Gray. She is this weeks Valpo Life in the Spotlight.

Gray was born and raised in Valparaiso. She attended Valparaiso Schools from kindergarten through her senior year of high school. She was a very smart and active student, excelling in math and playing lots of sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball and golf.

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