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A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Anthony McDonald


Sometimes people make mistakes when they are growing up. It could be minor, maybe stress makes someone slip up and forget a homework assignment, or cut too many classes, but it can escalate. Crime or drug abuse are not problems exclusive to the adult world, and when a teen’s mistakes put them on the wrong path, it is people like Anthony McDonald who come into their lives to help keep them safe and right the course.

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10 Fun Things to Do in NWI for Jan 12th – 14th, 2018


With the cold firmly set in for the winter, sometimes it can be tough to find things to do. But don’t be discouraged, there’s still plenty going on in the Region to help you fill your days with laughter with family and friends. Take a look!

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Holcomb’s 2nd State of the State Emphasizes Workforce, Presents Goals for Progress in 2018

HolcombINDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb on Tuesday delivered his 2018 State of the State address to a joint convention of the Indiana General Assembly. While continuing his focus on five key pillars, the governor’s remarks highlighted his commitment to developing a skilled, ready workforce and detailed several milestones he expects the state to meet.

“Our greatest challenge is that too many Hoosiers lack the education and skills for the jobs that are here today and being created tomorrow—nearly all of which require a post-secondary education. It’s a challenge faced by every state and a major concern for every business,” Gov. Holcomb said. “This is the issue of the decade, and we don’t have a day to waste.”

In his address, Gov. Holcomb outlined the following workforce-related goals:
· Help at least 25,000 of the 700,000+ Hoosier adults with some...

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Marc Ruiz of Oak Partners, Mind on Money:


Twas the Thursday before Christmas and I was finally able to schedule one of the more gratifying new client meetings of my career.

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Time for New Approaches to Address Indiana’s Voter Turnout Problems

Leigh-Morris Voter turnout is a concern across the country, but it’s especially concerning in Indiana. It’s been low in Indiana for years, but it hit rock bottom in 2014 when, by many measures, Indiana had the lowest voter turnout of all the states. By the 2016 Presidential elections, there was improvement, but Indiana was still rated as 38th out of the 50 states, with 59.7% of registered voters casting ballots.

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#1StudentNWI: Senators Go To Homecoming


The Winter months at Washington Township are easily some of the most anticipated of year - basketball season is in full swing, winter break is just close enough, and most of all, high school students have homecoming to look forward to.

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#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove's Drama Club Gears Up for a New Season


Future Events

There are a few things to look forward to this year at Boone Grove. First off the GSA club, run by Emily Walker, is planning a movie night. The movie night will be held in Ms. Welbourne’s room after school. There will be a steady entrance fee and guests will be given snacks and popcorn. All the proceeds made from this event will go to an LGBTQ charity of the club’s choice. The movie played still has not been decided, but it has been said that it will be some kind of LGBT movie. All are welcome to come and spend the afternoon with us for a good cause. The club will also have a temporary new advisor, the art teacher at Boone Grove, Mr. Willis. He has kindly given his classroom over to the GSA as a place to hold their meetings.

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#1StudentNWI: Chesterton's New Year Brings Attention to Sports, Volunteers, and New Experiences


What’s Coming Up

For most of the student body, coming back to school after Christmas vacation is an expected, albeit dreaded, part of the year. For some, however, the school year ended before that. The 2017-18 school year is over for some of the class of 2018 who prepare to leave their high school days. On Jan. 20, some seniors will graduate mid-term. This year, those who graduated mid-term will be crossing the auditorium stage at 4 pm.

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A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Chuck Welter


Most people will agree that local business is at the core of building a successful community, and few communities are more tightly bound than Valparaiso.

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10 Fun things to Do in NWI for January 5th - 7th, 2018


Christmas and New Year’s Eve is now behind us, its time to start looking forward. Most of us are setting resolutions and planning for the years first few month and the rest of us are just waiting for the day our children go back to school. But this weekend there’s still a lot going on in the Region. Take a look!

As always, if you have an event going on, let us know with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be sure to add it to our calendar!

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Top 10 Overall Stories on ValpoLife from 2017


2017 was full of great news stories from all over the area! We took a look at our top articles from 2017 and were amazed by the sheer number of events, activities, and positive moments we were able to share.

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