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Chef O’Reilly’s Fiddlehead Menu is Locally Sourced, Organic and Delicious

Fiddlehead-Menu-2017 01

Every chef has a dream, a focus, of what they want their restaurant to specialize in. Some want an Italian menu, others classic French cuisine with an American twist. Other chefs will try to cater to a larger audience with a more varied menu.

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Top 10 Entertainment Articles on ValpoLife from 2017


We published hundreds of articles on the ValpoLife Entertainment Section this past year. New music series, galas, and food challenges were all fair game to share in the entertainment world. With so many notable events in Northwest Indiana, it’s no wonder we had so many stories to choose from!

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Plenty of Fun This January along the South Shore Line

Plenty-of-Fun-This-August-along-the-South-Shore-Line-2017Now that the holidays are behind us, and a new year is upon us, there is still a lot going on in the Region. Don’t let the cold dissuade you from venturing out along the South Shore Line in search of fun things to do.

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Pines Village Retirement Communities Welcome Residents and Art Lovers to Meet Terry Walsh at the "Meet the Artist" Event


Everyone builds a unique relationship with art throughout their life, from finger-painting as a preschooler to wine tastings at painting classes as an adult. Pines Village seeks to continue building that relationship into retirement, and on Sunday installed a new gallery by artist Terry Walsh, who spoke with residents and visitors to the retirement village at a Meet the Artist reception.

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Fiddlehead Feeds the Lifer Team at Holiday Party with Delicious Catering Menu!


During the holidays, it’s easy for people to get caught up in planning elaborate meals and festivities. With family and friends guaranteed to make an appearance, feeding the masses can become a tricky task for even the most experienced host or hostess.

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Lifer Drew Holt Reviews The Last Jedi, the Imax Experience of a Lifetime


There’s no doubt about it- Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. Last night, people everywhere flocked to their local movie theatres in droves hours before the showing to get the perfect seats for one of the most highly anticipated cinema events of the year. My Fiancee and I were no different- arriving at the theatre two hours early, books in hand to kill the time. We weren’t even the first people there- several others arrived before us, eager to claim the most coveted spots in the theatre.

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Albert's Diamond Jewelers Hosts 15th Annual Men's Night

Alberts-Mens-Night-2017 01

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers hosted its 15th annual Men’s Night Thursday evening following last week’s Ladies’ Night that was also held at the jewelry store. Women from the event last week were encouraged to browse Albert’s glass counters and write a wish list of what products they wanted most to pass along to significant others attending Men’s Night this week.

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Second Night of Valpo Schools' "This is Our Story" a Big Success


The second night of Valparaiso Community Schools’ This Is Our Story Art Festival was another wonderful holiday treat for the audience. On Tuesday night, the Valparaiso Community Schools performed and showcased their best musical performances and artwork from across the school district. From elementary to high school, students prepared for months to display their talent to thousands of people. The crowd was excited to hear the holiday performances presented by the many different choirs, orchestras, and bands. Although it was a cold night, the Valparaiso High School gymnasium was filled with the warmth and love of parents, families, and students rejoicing in togetherness.

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Rittenhouse Village of Valparaiso Celebrates 100th Birthday of Resident, Barney!


Rittenhouse Village of Valparaiso celebrated the 100th birthday of one of its residents with cake, friends, and conversation on Tuesday. Barney, life veteran of 100 years, has independently lived on his own up until just a few years ago when he joined the community at Rittenhouse at 96 years old.

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Indiana Beverage Treats the Lifer Team to Winter Beer Taste Testing


As you’re getting in the holiday spirit this season, your taste buds might be yearning for a delectable wintry drink to brighten your day, don’t worry- we’re not talking about eggnog. The folks over at Indiana Beverage are making sure our shelves and stockings can be filled with a delicious assortment of beers this season. Among them were the Bell’s “Winter White,” Blue Moon’s “Pacific Apricot Wheat,” Lagunitas’ “Sucks Ale,” Revolution Brewing’s “Fistmas,” and Samuel Adams’ Winter Lager.

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Thorn Total Comfort Christmas Party Celebrates Its Hardworking Coworkers

Thorn-Christmas-Party-2017 05

Christmas dinners are made special by the people you spend them with. For most of us, that means our family and our friends. HVAC service company Thorn Total Comfort took the opportunity to celebrate the closeness of its employees. On December 8th they met at Stacks Bar and Grill for some holiday cheer.

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