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Blackbird Cafe to Host Artist Reception for Rocco Schiralli in Support of The Caring Place

Hosting an artist and their work is a rewarding endeavor for any business. For Blackbird Cafe, hosting artists is more than a reward, it’s something they feel they must do to support the art community. For them, utilizing their space to highlight local artists is a wonderful way to bring art into more lives and draw exposure to local artists.

For Rocco Schiralli, their most recent featured artist and CEO of Porter-Starke Services, Blackbird Cafe was the perfect space to host a show. With his work, he isn’t aiming to make money or even gain exposure for himself. Instead, he’s working to raise funds and awareness for the Caring Place.

“I’m a board member of the Caring Place, and we really need to build a new shelter,” explained Schiralli. “Blackbird is very active in helping the community, so I thought this would be a great place to help with that.”

Blackbird makes a point to host local artists to display their work and loves involving themselves in community outreach. Bringing Schiralli in only made sense as it fit both their focus on art and supporting local needs.

“Rocco comes in regularly, so he’s really familiar with the staff. About a month ago, he invited us all to this fundraiser for the Caring Place,” said Dan Cook, owner of Blackbird Cafe.

This fundraiser, which a number of Blackbird staff members attended, would prove to be beneficial in piquing the interest of those involved at the cafe.

On Saturday, Blackbird hosted an artist reception from 7-10PM. The three hour event not only raised awareness and attention for the Caring Place, but funding too as all Blackbird profits during those hours were donated to the Caring Place. Schiralli will also be donating any of his own profits to aid the organization.

“I think the main thing I want from this show is for people to come there, have a good time, look at art and think. I want them to think, I want them to feel the art, but more importantly I want them to open up their hearts to support the Caring place and to support this shelter,” said Schiralli.

Being involved with the organization, Schiralli is passionate about supporting them and their mission.

“Their vision is to eliminate violence in our community. To me that’s the most noble cause that you could want to represent,” explained Schiralli.

As a self taught artist, Schiralli has created many beautiful works of art that are currently on display. With an opportunity to support a local cause and enjoy some great food and drinks at the cafe, the opportunity should prove itself to be a unique introduction to local artists.

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To learn more about the Caring Place and the mission they support, click here!

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