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Make Your Own Future, Don’t Wait for Market Turnaround

Arnold Sandness of the SCORE Marketing Advisory Council offers advice on how your business can begin to turn around before the competition:

Get good advice. As an entrepreneur, you are a smart risk taker. My question is, “Do you have all the answers?” No. Well, no one person knows it all. Surround yourself with a variety of experts who can add to your knowledge and expertise. SCORE mentors offer free and confidential advice. They are business owners and corporate executives who have successfully run companies. Ask a mentor for advice or...

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PNC Professor Featured Symposium Speaker

Purdue University North Central's Nipul Patel, assistant professor of Computer & Information Technology, was a featured speaker at the Infrastructure Management Institute Security Symposium at Northern Kentucky University. This one-day event focused on IT security challenges, best practices and professional discussions.

His presentation was, "Taming the Cloud: Areas of Concerns Affecting Security, Privacy and Ethics In Cloud Computing."

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New 'finFET' Promising for Smaller Transistors, More Powerful Chips

Purdue University researchers are making progress in developing a new type of transistor that uses a finlike structure instead of the conventional flat design, possibly enabling engineers to create faster and more compact circuits and computer chips.

The fins are made not of silicon, like conventional transistors, but from a material called indium-gallium-arsenide. Called finFETs, for fin field-effect-transistors, researchers from around the world have been working to perfect the devices as potential replacements for conventional transistors.

Video Update November 10: The Top Ten Underrated ValpoLife Videos

This week's video update, we are pleased to bring you ten of our most underrated videos on the ValpoLife site! These are the videos that may have been overshadowed by more popular videos that week, older videos that our newer site visitors may not have had the chance to dig in to, or just timeless, great videos that show the best that Valpo has to offer.

We're also excited to announce a new advertising package for our newsletter banners! These packages are extremely cost-effective marketing avenues to reach 3,500 people that care about and love the best of Valpo! For more details on this new package, click here.

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Valparaiso Rotary Club's 11th Annual Veterans Day Program

The Valparaiso Rotary Club held their 11th Annual Veterans Day Program, “A Tribute to Tuskegee Airmen,” on Monday, November 9. George Carberry was the Program Chairman for the event. The ceremony started off with a patriotic musical selection performed by the Valparaiso High School Band, led by Miguel Rosario. The Culver Military Academy Color Guard presented the posting of colors, followed by the opening welcome and Pledge of Allegiance led by the president of the Rotary Club, Sharon Kish.

After the opening remarks, Mayor Jon Costas offered an invocation. He was followed by the...

Read more Founder Debuts New Book on How to Weather Current Economic Conditions

Lane J. Mendelsohn, Founder of, has released his first book, "The Economic Storm." which comprehensively addresses a subject that is timely to current market behavior.

"This unprecedented economic crisis we're experiencing now is the result of an alignment of many events which, at the time they happened, seemed rather insignificant," Mendelsohn explains. "All I've done is pull the pieces together to get a big-picture perspective of where things are going and what I'm doing to prepare."...

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ValpoLife Photo Update Nov. 4

We've received such great feedback on our video update that we've decided to go ahead and begin a bi-monthly series of video and photo updates to deliver to you the best photos and videos the city of Valparaiso has to offer in the areas of business, sports, health, community, and entertainment.

We encourage you to head over to these galleries on the site and check out some shots of Valparaiso's businesses, organizations, and people participating in so many activities. Most of these shots are available for sale through our photo gallery host.

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Top Ten Crazy Indiana Laws

After a long day, sometimes I need a laugh. I turn to a funny website, My Life Is Average, a site whose intent is for people to post mundane things that happen in their lives. It has transformed into more of a commentary on crazy, strange things that happen in life but is still entertaining. Recently, some of the things people have submitted are strange laws in their state. Thus, I was inspired to take a look into some of Indiana’s crazy state laws.

10. Baths cannot be...

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People are Actually Reading Newspapers (Online)

Ragan’s PR Junkie explains readership of online newspapers are actually up, although the number of hard copy readers continues to plummet.

Guess where 40 percent of Web traffic went each month in the third quarter of 2009?

I’ll give a second to consider it …

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Company Provides Improved Method for Manufacturers Testing Fuel Cell Performance

Fuel cell equipment manufacturers will be able to more efficiently test the performance of fuel cell electrodes through new technology developed by a Purdue Research Park-based company.

The Powerstat test station, launched Wednesday (Nov. 4) by NuVant Systems Inc., can evaluate key components of proton exchange fuel cell electrodes. NuVant is based in the Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana's Purdue Technology Center.

The Powerstat evaluates membrane electrode assembly (MEA) components, including the polymer...

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When It Comes to IRAs, Know Your Limits

In recent years, IRAs have become the single largest vehicle for retirement savings in the United States. At the end of 2007, IRAs held $4.8 trillion in retirement savings, whereas employer-sponsored defined-contribution plans like the 401(k) held $3.5 trillion and defined-benefit plans (traditional pensions) held $2.3 trillion.1

As a retirement savings vehicle, the IRA has become more attractive with age. When IRAs were created in 1974, the annual contribution limit was $1,500. In 2009, workers can contribute up to $5,000 to all IRAs combined, and those 50 and older can contribute an...

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