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Valparaiso Named Indiana Chamber’s Community of the Year

Rex Richards, President of the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce, is proud to announce that the Indiana  Chamber of Commerce has named the City of Valparaiso as the  “Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Community of the Year.”

Richards and Mayor Jon Costas presented the news Thursday morning to a strong crowd of city and business leaders, as well as a variety of local media on a beautiful summer day in Valpo.

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Are You Really "Open" For Business?

Just because your sign is on, it doesn’t mean you are truly open for business.

After spending my whole career—one way or another—in the business development field and being a bit crazy about the subject, I continually find many little things businesses could be doing to improve their results. Recently, I was searching for a local contractor, so I began to scroll through my local chamber of...

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IE 6 No More!

Internet Explorer and I are not friends. But first, a little history.
Being an Apple kid, I did most my browsing on Netscape Navigator (which is a direct ancestor to our beloved FireFox). Once I started designing web pages, I found myself at odds with the dominant browser:Internet Explorer. Fast forwards to 2001. I had been using (relatively) new web technologies like CSS and transparent PNGs. When IE 6 came out that year, the improvements over IE 5 were massive, but still lacking a lot of features I wanted. I eventually moved over to the Mozilla Internet Suite, and eventually Safari (Apple's Web Browser) when it came out in 2003. Mozilla bases browsers (Netscape, Firefox, Camino,) Safari, Chrome, and Opera have...

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MarketMaker Provides Opportunity to Buy and Sell Local Foods

Indiana MarketMaker, an electronic marketing tool for buying and selling locally produced foods, is now home to more than 290 registered producers - and is growing.

The site, which draws an average of more than 100,000 hits each month, provides a directory for consumers to search for locally grown and niche food products.

"Let's say you're looking for frozen, organic blueberries or certified organic lamb - you'd be able to find those things," said Maria Marshall, a Purdue University agricultural economist....

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Greening Indiana

There’s no doubt – green has moved into the mainstream. No longer for just the Birkenstock-wearing, peace-sign-yielding, organic-eating population (not that there is anything wrong with that). Just check out the number of people who have rejected plastic bags on your next trip to the grocery store. Case in point, Whole Foods announced in April it has seen use of reusable bags triple in the last year.

And this is just the beginning.

While green is here to stay, how does Indiana fare in...

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More Make the Call to Start Own Businesses

Entrepreneurism is on a slight rise, according to a new survey. In the second quarter, 8.7% of job seekers went back to work by starting their own businesses. This was an increase from 6.4% in first quarter 2009 and a low of 2.7% in fourth quarter 2008.

The increase comes despite credit that is still difficult to obtain and sluggish spending by businesses and consumers. John Challenger of the consultant firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas says, “Small business owners do not quite see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a sense that we have at least passed the halfway point. ...

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Valpo Look at What You Have Done!

Thanks for all of your support as we wrap up out what has been a truly unbelievable July. We'd like to thank all of you folks who come up to us on the street, in a coffee shop, or out at an event we are covering, and say "Good job". As well as all you folks who shoot us email or post to our Facebook and Twitter feeds to share your enthusiasm for reading articles, looking at photos, and watching videos about all the good people and things going on in Valpo. That passion to seek out what is good about the community we live in is a heck of a testament to why we all live in, work in, or are connected to Valpo and each other.

One area of the site we are looking to expand...

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Practical Experience Given to Interns at Purdue Technology Center

Six firms at the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana are providing working experience to students who attend Indiana colleges, including Purdue's West Lafayette campus and Purdue University Calumet.

Balanced IT Solutions, HealthCall LLC, Identitylogix, Next Wave Systems LLC, the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana and SAIC hired 11 interns for the summer. The internships are funded through a grant from the Dean & Barbara White Family Foundation Inc. of Merrillville.

"The foundation awarded $100,000 to support the internship program over the course of five to six semesters," said Kathy DeGuilio-Fox,...

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Purdue Computer Research Partnership Wins International Award

Purdue is being recognized as a worldwide campus technology innovator for a system that harnesses what would otherwise be wasted computing power for major research projects.

Campus Technology Magazine has selected Purdue's DiaGrid for one of its 2009 Campus Technology Innovators Awards.

Purdue's partners in DiaGrid include Indiana University, Indiana State University, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Louisville, the University of Wisconsin, Purdue's Calumet...

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An Interview with Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar

Before the Lunch with Brinegar event held at Valparaiso University, Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar was kind enough to sit down with at Air One Photography Studios for an extensive interview.

In the interview, Brinegar touches on the wide range of services offered by the Chamber. The services in the interview are just a few offered by the Chamber to all Indiana businesses—large and small—and are all aimed at keeping Indiana businesses informed, engaged, and successful in the marketplace.


My Brand New Car

Well, as many of you know, I have been searching for a new car. This weekend, I found my new car. It is a 2010 magnetic gray Toyota Corolla with almost all the options. It is a huge upgrade from my 1995 Acura Integra that had a cracked sunroof, missing passenger side view mirror, dents, rust, and a hole in the dashboard where my cd player once lived. Kyle had invented for me a small amplifier that sat in my dash that was hooked up to which ever car speakers were still working that I could plug my ipod into. Most of that damage had come over time and thanks to a tree branch falling on my car in a...

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