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Johnny on the Spot is Here to Make Your Autumn Events a Hit!


Fall is coming up quickly and that means friends and families will be gathering for bonfires, action-packed sporting events will pick up, and beautiful fall weddings will be executed with perfection. With all these exciting events and the onset of cooler weather, it’s important to keep track of all the details, including the restroom situation.

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Journey Senior Living Hiring Part-Time Cook


In case you missed it, we're hiring a part-time cook! If you have a passion about cooking and serving seniors in a fun and loving environment, you definitely want to apply!

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CompressAir and the Benefit of Compressed Air System Audits


When is the last time you had your compressed air system looked at? Sounds like a loaded question, but an audit of your compressed air system can highlight the true costs of that system and identify chances to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Plus, the U.S. Department of Energy determined that, on average, of the $40,000 in energy a year it takes to run one 100 hp air compressor, up to 50% or more is wasted! In other words, proper checkups of your compressed air system, like any other piece of machinery, leads to a win-win. Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits of a compressed air system audit, courtesy of CompressAir.

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Mortgage Protection: Good Sense or Bad Investment?

TCU-Mortgage-Protection-Good-Sense-or-Bad-InvestmentFor many of us, our home is our biggest investment as well as our family refuge. Losing a breadwinner can wreak havoc on the family's finances — and their ability to stay in the home they love.

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Brilliant Results Cleaning Service: Organizing and Decluttering Your Home


Here at Brilliant Results Cleaning, we believe that no matter how clean your carpets are, how dust free your surfaces are, or how shiny your mirrors are, you will never be able to enjoy the full comfort of your clean home until you get organized. That is why we are writing our first blog today on how to get organized from your cupboards to your closets to your junk drawers. So, let’s get started!

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Hartman Global: The Difference Between Trademark and Copyright


Properly protecting one’s assets is an important aspect for anyone with original ideas, artwork, or branding. While material possessions are relatively simple to insure, taking care of original works is a bit more complicated and often confusing. How does one know whether they need a copyright, trademark, or some combination of the two? Luckily, Hartman Global not only helps protect those assets, but can explain the “why” behind it all, as well.

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Terry’s Discount Windows & More is Looking for a Warehouse/Services Manager


Terry’s Discount Windows & More is looking for a warehouse/services manager. This position is approximately 30 hours a week. This may vary, but is an approximate.

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Chester Inc. Welcomes New Employee: Tracy Matus


Please join Chester Inc. as they welcome new team member: Tracy Matus! Tracy is a Graduate of Indiana State University. Working 20+ year as an IT solution provider. Tracy asks, “Do you remember CRT’s monitors? Me too!” Regardless, Tracy is a seasoned IT professional that keeps abreast of all the latest and ever-changing technologies, services and support.

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The Lakes of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: James Richey


Maintenance and a dedicated, capable staff are vital to any apartment community. The Lakes of Valparaiso is lucky to have wonderful, professional employees who care immensely about the upkeep of their community. From simple fixes to more complicated jobs, they’re at the ready whenever a resident needs assistance.

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Holladay Properties Employee Spotlight: Jessica Vargas


If variety is the spice of life, Jessica Vargas has found a career that certainly keeps her life interesting. As a Project Architect for Holladay Properties and the only licensed architect in the Portage office, her days are always something new.

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Century 21 Alliance Group: A Real Estate Company Based on Quality Service


Century 21 Alliance Group: A Real Estate Company Based on Quality Service

The ultimate goal in hiring a real estate agent may be to buy or sell a home, but each aspect of the buyers’ and sellers’ experience affects the satisfaction of the result. When it comes to the fine print, the best real estate agents have every single box checked: from knowledgeability to friendliness; from handling the Closing paperwork to using great signage materials; from concise communication and trustworthiness to an excellent sense of humor and compassion. The best real estate agents cover it all, and Century 21 Alliance Group has some of the best agents.

Century 21 Alliance Group has a high standard of excellence, and every employee rises to the occasion. In 2017, a handful of employees were specifically recognized for their...

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